There are two formats for viewing "slideshows" of selected Google 360 degree Panoramas.

Firstly, as well as providing panorama "Entry Point" tabs such as on the individual maps, there is the Slideshow we create from the 110 panoramas (of which we still need 88 at the time of this screenshot from our Samsung Tab A). As you can see selections can be made at the top or bottom and the panorama appears in the middle frame (not on this screenshot but by selecting Slide Show after entering the app).

The countdown task is to fill all of the spots which have a "placeholder" like this with a panorama like this

Secondly, by selecting a SatNav route via there is an option to examine "DETAILS" (rather than "Send directions to your phone"). Once selected the system steps through the same "turn by turn" instructions and, if there is one, shows you a small image (marked as Street View) from the Pano at the turn.